2017/2018 Ice Fishing Season Approaching

With the leaves falling and snowflakes glimmering each morning here in the high alpine, it is safe to say that mother nature wants Lake Dillon to freeze so we can all hit hard water and fish!!! What we want you all to remember is that it is important to be safe on the ice and have developed the following safety protocols.

Cold Water Considerations

When Ice Fishing we use the following list to make sure that the ice is suitable to fish:

Ice Color Meaning

Mottled/Slushy: Thawing Ice- Stay Off!

Light Gray/Back: Melting Ice- Stay Off!

White/Opaque: Wet Snow Refrozen Atop Ice Layer- Very Weak

Blue/Clear: Strong and Safest Ice

Ice Thickness Load Bearing

2 Inches or Less: Unsafe

3 Inches: One Person on Foot

4 inches: Ice Fishing on Foot

5 Inches: Snowmobile or ATV

8 Inches: Car, Light Truck (2.5 Tons)

10 Inches: Pickup Truck (3.5 Tons)

12 Inches: Heavy Truck (7-8 Tons)

15 Inches: 10 Tons          

20 Inches: 25 Tons

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