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2019 is starting off with some extreme weather patterns on Lake Dillon in Summit County, Colorado. The fish are feeding less aggressive traveling in schools throughout the day. The lake has about 8-10 inches of ice in most places. It is important to remember to be careful where you access the ice and take your time getting to your fishing spot no matter what water you are fishing. Wishing everyone a safe and fruitful ice fishing season.

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Fly Fishing Heats Up On Lake Dillon


As the winter melt of has finally slowed water levels on Lake Dillon are nearing completion for the summer. The inlet water levels are about where they will be for most of the summer months. We have been having great success fishing all throughout the day but are having the most luck during hatches. Follow the hatch and you will find feeding fish if they are active.  Nice brown trout and good numbers of rainbow trout are being caught. Arctic Char and Salmon can be found feeding in the mouths as they cycle in from the deeper water. Remember when fishing lower levels of water to be mindful of the water temperatures as trout especially stop growing in 73 degrees Fahrenheit and when fighting a fish in warmer water NOT to play them for too long. When hesitant the better solution is to keeping trout alive is just not to fish water in the higher temperatures for their longevity. 

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2018 Ice Fishing Updates-Lake Dillon, Colorado

As the end of March, rolls in I wanted to first thank my customers for an incredible year thus far on the ice, and second update you on the ice fishing on Lake Dillon and patterns of the fish. 

This season the Kokanee salmon came in for the initial spawn late November and that was the initial ice over on the Snake River inlet side of the lake.  The salmon remained biting and still not spawned out creating a thriving bite until late January.   

Mysis Shrimp

Mysis Shrimp

Schools of rainbow trout tend follow the salmon showing up for the party right on time in turn firing up a hot bite at first ice.  Each school of rainbow trout typically thrives best in the deeper water where the mysis shrimp live.  The shrimp are light sensitive and stay out in deeper darker water until the sun sets.  When the sun sets, they will come in to shallow water.  With this change in the mysis movement comes the way the rainbow feed and the brute fish like the brown trout, and arctic char found in Lake Dillon.

The fish that are going to grow to be a trophy are the ones that can survive rival fish eating them, but also find a year round source of attainable food.  The other main source of food for the fish in the lake is the weed beds.  The weed beds are located all over the lake and the fish will follow them and even seek protection year round in them.

By finding paths that fish travel for their food you will find more fish in any lake.  However in Lake Dillon find out what structure and weeds they are hiding in as well as how and what they are feeding on and you will land more fish.

The ice is holding strong for the end of March and given we are at 9,000 feet, but always use caution when ice fishing this late in the year. Remember that the edges of the iced lake go first.  Buddy up or tell people that you going on the ice, where, and how to reach you and be safe!

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Ice Fishing 2018

Veterans Day 2017


Fishing can be broken down into three parts.  One part knowledge, one part skill, and ultimately one part heart.  Today is Veterans Day, and in honor of my greatest mentor that served in the Navy, I went searching for some Brook Trout. 

I found myself surrounded by friends at a spot I frequently catch Brook Trout and immediately begin helping them assemble their rods. See when it comes to fishing my father always told me a few key things to consider,  but the primary was to be patient on the water and to take your time. 

Ultimately being able to share such a great moment in memory of my father with friends was special. They were not aware that I consider my father to be a Brook Trout and catching him today was a spiritual moment for me on the half-iced water. Mostly grateful that weather allowed us to explore its shores for one last fall cast landing a true American Beauty, the Brook Trout. 

2017/2018 Ice Fishing Season Approaching

With the leaves falling and snowflakes glimmering each morning here in the high alpine, it is safe to say that mother nature wants Lake Dillon to freeze so we can all hit hard water and fish!!! What we want you all to remember is that it is important to be safe on the ice and have developed the following safety protocols.

Cold Water Considerations

When Ice Fishing we use the following list to make sure that the ice is suitable to fish:

Ice Color Meaning

Mottled/Slushy: Thawing Ice- Stay Off!

Light Gray/Back: Melting Ice- Stay Off!

White/Opaque: Wet Snow Refrozen Atop Ice Layer- Very Weak

Blue/Clear: Strong and Safest Ice

Ice Thickness Load Bearing

2 Inches or Less: Unsafe

3 Inches: One Person on Foot

4 inches: Ice Fishing on Foot

5 Inches: Snowmobile or ATV

8 Inches: Car, Light Truck (2.5 Tons)

10 Inches: Pickup Truck (3.5 Tons)

12 Inches: Heavy Truck (7-8 Tons)

15 Inches: 10 Tons          

20 Inches: 25 Tons

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