Veterans Day 2017


Fishing can be broken down into three parts.  One part knowledge, one part skill, and ultimately one part heart.  Today is Veterans Day, and in honor of my greatest mentor that served in the Navy, I went searching for some Brook Trout. 

I found myself surrounded by friends at a spot I frequently catch Brook Trout and immediately begin helping them assemble their rods. See when it comes to fishing my father always told me a few key things to consider,  but the primary was to be patient on the water and to take your time. 

Ultimately being able to share such a great moment in memory of my father with friends was special. They were not aware that I consider my father to be a Brook Trout and catching him today was a spiritual moment for me on the half-iced water. Mostly grateful that weather allowed us to explore its shores for one last fall cast landing a true American Beauty, the Brook Trout.